This Python (v2 or v3) project gives an (almost) complete solution for the CS101 programming project, subject #6, about Numerical Integration techniques This project took place at Mahindra Ecole Centrale in April 2015.

Inside this directory, you will find two Python files ( and


Defines the integration techniques and algorithms.


Performs many tests and examples, by using the integrals module.


Documentation Status

The documentation is hosted on ReadTheDocs:

Other files

Please read:

  • INSTALL.txt : for details about using or installing these files.
  • the report, Numerical_Integration__Project_CS101_2015.pdf, gives more details about the Python programs, and theoretical explanations about the algorithms we decided to implement, and more small things.
  • AUTHORS.txt : gives a complete list of authors.
  • TODO.txt : gives details about un-finished tasks, if you want to conclude the project yourself.
  • LICENSE.txt : for details about the license under which this project is publicly released.

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