How to use this project?

This project does not require any extra modules. It requires Python 2 (v2.7 or more recent) or Python 3 (v3.4 or more recent).

Each of the 2 programs can be executed directly from the command line environnement, either with python or with ipython, or within Spyder (or any IDE). They should work out-of-the-box, without any user interaction.

How to install the project?

If you have installed git on your laptop, you can clone the git repository for this project : git clone

You can also download the entire project as a zip file, then extract the archive, and run the scripts in the extracted directory.

About this file

It quickly explains how to use your project. Any required modules/packages have to be specified here, and if one of your program expect an input from a user, please say it so here.

Imagine that someone downloaded your project and want to use it, well then this file should be as helpful as possible (while not being too long or verbous).